What i wore 2013 part I/II

Outfits from from January to June 2013.
Yo guys! I promised pics from my first days in Australia. BUT..
I left my camera at home, just brough my lens since me and Christian has the same camera house.
It's just that his broke.. haha. So ironic. Well it's fixed after new years so then I can start photograph and
upload for you guys (can't belive it's the last day of this year tomorrow!?) Have a nice day sweeties♥

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When gold fails you

Rings /H&M Leather jacket/CARLINGS Top/BIKBOK Trousers/JC Boots/Dr.MARTENS Beanie/OLD 

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Godmorgon! kl är snart nio på morgonen här i Sydney men vaknade för flera timmar sedan, Jetlag ←
Lanade igår morse och det blev en väldigt kort dag för mig, helt sopslut efter 28h resa. Idag ska jag göra lite sightseeing och shopping med denna grabb! Tagga! Ska fota så mycket jag kan och kommer visa er det ikväll, tills dess får ni en outfit från Sveirge om ett litet tag. Ha de gött!
Hi guys! Sydney so far i amazing!
Landed yesterday morning and had a calm, short day. The jetlag and 28h trip got to me.
Today this guy ↑ and me is going sightseeing and shopping! WoopWoop! Photos from my
day later tonight but till then I have a queued post for you. See you soon. xx

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