For my mama

A few gifts for my mom! 
Have you guys recived or given away anything already? 
I'm currently waiting to eat traditional christmas food with the whole gang, we're all sitting in the sofa unpatient and hungry haha. 
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This is going to be a stressfree xmas for both me and my mom since all presents are wrapped and ready since a few weeks back. We're prepared, bring it on!
Usually my mom and I are running around like crazy fixing the last things last minute but this year it's all done. So today we will just enjoy, eat and have fun. 
I really hope everyone will have a good day and take care of eachother! Much love ♥
For my internation readers!,
Swede's celebrate xmas on the 24th and on the 24th only. Here Santa comes to our homes to visit the children and give out presents!.. or koal haha / 12:23 / Bloglovi'n / Hair / Makeup



Bonjour sweethearts!
This is going to be such a good evening people, both my brothers live very far away but today they're coming home and we're will to celebrate 
my big bro's birthday! And since my family is like it is we don't care that it's winter, it's barbecue time YA. Tomorrow night I'll be going out as well
to celabrate one of my dearest friends 24th birthday and I can't wait to se her! Been too long and I've missed her big time.
Hope you're having a good one too! Much love Xxx
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