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The only three products I use on my hair (besides the occasional hairspray)
Shampoo & Conditoner from AUSSIE
Maroccan oil, don't recommend this oil if you are blond, it makes it yellow with time. Try a non colored oil insted.

Lately I've been getting questions about my hair routine, how I take care of it and my secret is that I pretty much don't have one. 
I don't use alot of products and I don't do treatments very often. Don't get me wrong, there's probably lots of great things to do to help your hair get healthier but my secret is just a good diet and not causing so much damage by using heat or brushing it when it's wet.
So the best tip I can give you if you have a damaged hair is to just leave it be for a while!
Eat good food with good proteins and vitamins, don't use irons or shower it to often since that dries out the hair. Let it grow for a while and step by step
cut off the bad ends. If you wish for longer hair, what you can do is to give yourself a head massage every now and then. By rubbing the scalp you activate
the bloodflow around the roots wich can help the hair to grow a bit faster. I have definetly noticed a diffirence in speed by doing this! BUT is not a magic
trick, it still takes time. So be patient sweethearts, good hair dosn't happen over night. I'm still working on mine. / 11:12 / Bloglovi'n / Hair / Makeup


Jätte fin blogg :)
Jag undrar nu bara för jag har samma tema från som du och undrar nu hur jag får instagram kontot/ikonen att sitta i menyn längst upp, just nu har jag bara RSS och bloglovin där uppe. jag skulle vara jätte tacksam om du kunde hjälpa mig eller förklara på ett bra sätt vart i designen jag ska gå in och lägga till detta :)

kram Sarah

Svar: Hej tack :) Du måste koppla ditt instagram konto till din blogg, det gör du under inställningar - delning - instagram :)
Linda Rydén


Tack snälla för svar. men hur gör jag nu då när jag har kopplat det till min blogg, den syns ju inte där uppe ? måste jag gå in nånstans i stilmallen och ändra?

Svar: Ingen fara :) Som jag minns det så kom det upp automatiskt :/ Du får höra av dig till support isåfall tror jag
Linda Rydén


bra tips! :)

Svar: Härligt hoppas du får användning av det :)
Linda Rydén

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