I keep falling for you

I love big scarfs, the longer the better! Found this amazing one at H&M a while ago. 
Wore it yesterday with a skirt and crop top to a lunch in the city, since I haven't used it yet I needed any kind of excuse to wear
it even though it's really sunny. You know, it could might have gotten a bit chilly, wish it did so thank u scarf for having my back.
Singoalla top/NELLY.COM Scarf/H&M Skirt/GINATRICOT Body chain/MADE BY ME

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Ella Stork

wow hur snygg!?

Svar: TAAACK Ella! Älskar ditt hår! Silver right?
Linda Rydén


snygg kjol!

Svar: Tack! :) Från Gina men ganska gammal nu
Linda Rydén

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