Whaddup butter cup's!
 SO IN LOVE WITH THESE SUNNIES. It might be a bit off season for sunglasses but I always bunk up with stuff i want for upcoming seasons,
found these on sale *happy me* unfortunately these sold out.. But fear not sweet ones, Quay have a few more with this awesome steel-net-frame here 

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Sneak peek. 
 It's freezing nowadays! Isn't it..
Also, can't belive Christmas is less then a month away! Anyone who has their x-mas gifts in order already? I sure don't.. yet. Love wrapping gifts though!
Every year I put on some "jingle bell's" music and wrap away. l already bought myself some new wrapping paper too! Nine different ones to be precis heehe. December come at me, I'm ready for you.

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Black & Flared

Photos from a about a month ago, think this was the last evening I go out without a jacket.
I'm so in love with the flared trousers trend. Think a have one pair to many now haha.

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