6 Do's and Don'ts when packing

Are you like me when it comes to packing for a trip? I used to always over pack!
Each and every time I packed my bag with a lot of things I never needed or use. 
So here's my 6 Do's & Dont's when packing my bags.
1. DO, make a list!
Everything becomes easier. You won't forget the important things cause you might be like me and ran around at home
looking for the perfect outfit while your phone charger, toothbrush and all your underwear got left behind. Haha..
2. DON'T put unnecessary stuff in your bag!
Don't put those super mega high heels or that old top that you never even wear in your bag thinking "i might actually use it" No you won't.
We both know it girlfriend. We don't wear it at home, we won't wear it on our vacay either. Put them back in the 'one day i might' pile instead.
3. DO, Keep in mind where you're going and what you'd be doing!
Spending a week in the Maldives, living on the beach drinking coconut water all day? Or are you going to Paris for a shopping trip, eating 
croissants in fancy coffeshops? Like yea that suede t-shirt is nice but you'll sweat like crazy wearing that fab thing in the Maldives you know.
On that paris trip tho, you're gonna look awesome. 
4. DON'T, or try not to look at packing as an annoying thing!
I know packing is, for some, a struggle because it takes time and it's stressfull since all of a sudden you don't like anything in your wardrobe!
Oh I've been there.. Packing should be fun though! It's this pre-happy stage of a trip when you get to dream about where you going and how fun it'll be.
5. DO, try to pack outfits, or at least things you know go well together so once you're on your vacay clothes match!
I have more than once put random things in my suitcause only to find that half of my clothes doesn't go well with the other half.. and I end up looking
like a weirdo more then usuall. (Pink pumps with a red dress.. Not my favorite) Wich then forces me to shop for things I already have at home. Me no like.
6. Think about what goes into hand luggage and what goes into checked in luggage!
I like to bring my computer, camera + lenses on my trips. Together they weigh quite a bit, especilly when I only have a handbag. Therefore put the
computer charger and anything that can take a punch in you checked in luggage to save weight. This will save your should from unnecessary 
hurting and makes more room for snacks, a extra sweater and a good book ← A must for me when I'm flying!
Just a few tips when preparing yourself for your vacation or weekend! 
Nothing to complicated but this is how i roll, structure and a bit of reflection.
Much love, Xx

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Great tips!

Svar: Tack! :)
Linda Rydén


Love this! Xx

Svar: So happy :D xx
Linda Rydén

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