4 carats please

13 days until xmas! Oh it goes so fast dosen't it? 
I've been a lil cheeky and have all my gifts wrapped and done alreday. I started early in November hehe, just couldn't help myself! 
I LOVE WRAPPING GIFTS, so much I find excuses to buy extra things for my family so I get to put them in pretty little boxes with beautiful  paper and bows.
Christmas haven't always been my kinda holiday. I've actually grown into the xmas spirit the last few years, before that I didn't care much for it.
Nowadays when I don't travel as much and have much more money to spare (spend on loved ones) I have found a new love in Christmas. 
Do I have any Xmas lovers out there?
Coat/BIKBOK Scarf/B-YOUNG Jeans/DR.DENIM Body/HERE Over knee boots/HERE

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Whaddup butter cup's!
 SO IN LOVE WITH THESE SUNNIES. It might be a bit off season for sunglasses but I always bunk up with stuff i want for upcoming seasons,
found these on sale *happy me* unfortunately these sold out.. But fear not sweet ones, Quay have a few more with this awesome steel-net-frame here 

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Sneak peek. 
 It's freezing nowadays! Isn't it..
Also, can't belive Christmas is less then a month away! Anyone who has their x-mas gifts in order already? I sure don't.. yet. Love wrapping gifts though!
Every year I put on some "jingle bell's" music and wrap away. l already bought myself some new wrapping paper too! Nine different ones to be precis heehe. December come at me, I'm ready for you.

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