Make up for a break up

Don't  take the title to seriously I just didn't know what wo write haha..
Anyways! I've gotten a few questions about my makeup and recently I bought the Cream to powder and the Duo contouring kit from make up store.
I really the like the cream to powder cause it's such good coverage. The duo contouring creams are both a bit hard to apply, it's almost like they are
a little dry, even though the results are nice! / 11:32 / Bloglovi'n / Hair / Makeup

Lowas Art

Gillar verkligen Make up stors grejer. Va duo contouring kit bra?

Svar: Den var lite 'hård' ganska svår applicerad, men väl på plats så ser det väldigt fint ut :)
Linda Rydén


cream to powder är så JÄÄÄKLA bra!!

Svar: ELLER HUR!!! Looooove! :D
Linda Rydén

Thank you for your comment ♥
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